Commentary A Christian Science Perspective

  • Still small voice

    In recognition of Earth Day on April 22, today’s column is a poem that points to the light, peace, harmony, and joy that divine Spirit has bestowed on its entire creation.

  • My Earth Day prayer

    Today’s column explores the possibility of a flourishing Earth – and the role that prayer plays. 

  • We are not helpless

    In today’s column, a woman shares how just the right words came to her after turning to God to help calm a situation threatening to turn violent.

  • It’s never too late to experience healing

    Faced with joint degeneration in her hands and thinking it was too late to do anything about it, today’s contributor found complete healing and regeneration through a fresh perspective on how God cares for all of creation.

  • Establishing self-worth

    Today’s contributor shares her journey to a more meaningful understanding of her value through a deeper sense of God.

  • Meekness and the ‘elephant walk’

    Today’s column considers where true strength lies.

  • Rising above adversity

    Today’s contributor shares how a friend overcame a life-threatening disease through an increasing spiritual conviction of God’s healing power.

  • All creation is made to live in harmony

    Today’s column comes from a woman with a love of nature and of God who explains how she was quickly healed after a horse kicked her.

  • Finding satisfaction that lasts

    Today’s column examines how a shift in what we devote ourselves to in our daily lives can bring a deeper happiness and peace.

  • Finding – and following – our calling

    Today’s contributor shares his spiritual journey to a more fulfilling career, which he was able to begin sooner than he’d expected.

  • A way out of difficult times

    While at times there may seem to be no way out of a difficult situation, today’s contributor shares how learning more about her relation to God led her to a solution in her time of need.

  • Good, bad, or somewhere in between?

    Today’s column considers the role we can each play in bringing out goodness in the world.

  • No ‘aging out’ of our value

    Today’s column includes the story of a woman whose job search turned around completely as she took a closer look at where our potential and worth come from.

  • Eight thousand miles from home … but still at home

    In today’s column, a young woman who moved from Zambia to the United States shares how homesickness disappeared as she learned a lesson about the deeper meaning of home.

  • Easter – wisdom or foolishness?

    Today’s column explores how we can take small steps to prove for ourselves the veracity of the Easter story.

  • Jerusalem – city of hope

    In today’s column, a woman reflects on a recent visit to Jerusalem and explores the universal message of hope and healing that Christ Jesus’ resurrection inspires.

  • Easter gladness every day

    With depression and suicide a growing challenge in today’s world, this contributor shares how ideas that have their basis in the life and teachings of Christ Jesus led her to lasting freedom from suicidal thoughts.

  • ‘Let patience have its perfect work’

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she found a greater capacity for patience in her interactions with others while patiently and persistently praying for the healing of a physical problem.

  • Safety amid violent conflict

    Today’s contributor reflects on what comforted, inspired, and kept him safe during a dangerous time in Northern Ireland.

  • Overcoming loneliness through prayer

    In today’s column, a woman shares how the dark clouds of loneliness lifted as she opened her heart to God’s love and found a more satisfying basis for relationships than smoking and drinking to fit in.

May 5, 2017

Photos of the day 05/05

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects the defence detachment on Jangjae Islet and the Hero Defence Detachment on Mu Islet located in the southernmost part of the waters off the southwest front, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency on Friday.

More Christian Science Perspective
  • Thoughts worth thinking

    Today’s column explores how increasing our understanding of God even a small amount can lead to healing.

  • From cynicism and animosity to peace

    In today’s Perspective, a woman shares how a difficult situation at work was resolved through the power of prayer, and how she felt her own anger and self-justification vanish. 

  • A higher foundation for happiness

    Today’s column takes a closer look at what constitutes true happiness.

  • Thinking differently about politicians

    Today’s contributor shares how cynicism about a local election lifted as she considered what it means to follow the Bible’s counsel to “love one another,” even in the face of a polarizing public figure.

  • Don’t take the (click)bait

    Today’s column explores how we can overcome the pull of sensationalized news through understanding that there’s a higher power we can rely on to inform our actions.

  • Unity, not division, is what’s natural

    Today’s contributor shares his experience of how divisiveness can give way to a spirit of cooperation. 

  • Redeeming ‘thoughts and prayers’

    Today’s column explores how an openness to God as infinitely good can lift our “thoughts and prayers” to be more than just words – supporting and inspiring efforts to meet the world’s challenges.

  • To find what the world is trying to be

    Today's column examines our role as individuals in building a just society and healing a world in great need.

  • Lump on head healed

    While the impact of “thoughts and prayers” has been questioned by many after recent news events, today’s contributor found how a different approach to prayer effectively resolved a frightening health concern with full healing.  

  • Hope for the addicted

    Today’s contributor shares how she found freedom from a three-pack-a-day smoking habit as she gained a more spiritual sense of her identity.