Commentary | A Christian Science Perspective

  • Caring spiritually for our human environment

    Today’s contributor found that a spiritual perspective of nature brought hope for sustainable solutions to environmental issues – and also freed him from recurring pain and breathing difficulties associated with smog in his city.

  • Finding and living up to our true potential

    What if your academic grades aren’t all that you would want them to be? Today’s contributor was told he wasn’t equipped to succeed at school. He shares spiritual ideas that changed his perception of his potential, enabling him to successfully complete a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree.

  • Voting for humility

    When it comes to politics, says today’s contributor, humility is key. But humility is not the monopoly of certain people or parties. It’s a quality we all can treasure, because it lies in letting God empower everything we say and do.

  • ‘Hello, brother’

    Last week’s shootings at two New Zealand mosques impelled today’s contributor to confront her own sense of prejudice. Here she shares how a fuller understanding of God’s love for His children has inspired her to love others more universally.

  • A prayer of unity for New Zealand

    “Though our fears may estrange and divide us,/ May we seek to dissolve them through love” encourages the hymn cited in part in today’s column, which points to the power of divine Love to uplift and unify even in the face of extreme hate. Also, there's an audio link to a Christian Science practitioner and teacher sharing how he's praying for New Zealand.

  • The integrity in us all

    When today’s contributor was treated dishonestly by a lawyer, a spiritual perspective on the quality of integrity replaced her anger with compassion, which opened the door to an outcome that helped both of them.

  • The Love that lifts us from despair

    Even when it seems there’s no end to what’s wrong in the world, God’s limitless love is here, inspiring hope, wisdom, and strength to overcome the bad and to be and do good.

  • The benefits of honesty

    When today’s contributor was tempted to fudge some numbers on a financial document, a last-minute decision to do the right thing led to unexpected benefits and a lesson in the spiritual power of honesty.

  • A God we can know

    Today’s contributor shares how his healing of severe hereditary tremors gave him a life-changing sense of God’s goodness and presence.

  • No more hanging in the balance

    It’s International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter. Here’s a poem that speaks to the “heart-written … inviolable being” of all God’s children, both woman and man, that “is moving us forward, keeping the balance for all time.”

More Christian Science Perspective
  • ‘I so wanted to be ... popular’

    A 2018 Pew survey of US teenagers found that two of the most common pressures teens report facing are to look good and to fit in socially. Today’s contributor shares how a better understanding of her relation to God replaced a yearning to be popular with a desire to express joy and kindness toward others, opening the door to meaningful and lasting friendships.

  • A deeper kindness

    For today’s contributor, the idea that true kindness has the power of God, divine Love, behind it made all the difference in defusing a heated situation.

  • Care for the caregiver

    Today’s contributor shares ideas that brought peace, harmony, and inspiration when she faced a frustrating situation as a caregiver. 

  • Walk with me

    Here’s a poem that speaks to the power of Christ, divine Truth, as our “shelter from all storms.”

  • Find refreshing rest

    When employment concerns kept today’s contributor from sleeping soundly, a more spiritual view of “rest” brought peace and restful sleep – and resolution to the work challenges soon followed.

  • Will you be my neighbor?

    For today’s contributor, a job teaching immigrant elementary-schoolers became an opportunity to witness the unifying, healing power behind the golden rule.

  • Blood infection, fever quickly healed

    When today’s contributor faced a life-threatening situation shortly after giving birth, a tangible sense of God’s limitless love melted her fear, and healing immediately followed.

  • Our true selves – not limited by age

    As today’s contributor, a lifelong athlete, considered the nature of God as infinite Life and what that means for us as God’s children, he found freedom from painful symptoms he had attributed to his age.

  • In the heart of our cities, an unshakable stronghold

    Today’s contributor shares spiritual ideas that lifted her fear when she was traveling alone on a city bus in a troubled neighborhood – and buoyed her hope for the possibility of greater peace in urban settings and beyond.

  • Overcoming our intolerance of the intolerant

    Today’s contributor explores the idea of disarming the temptation to respond in kind to those who hate us by coming to value the nature of all as God’s creation, through new views of God’s goodness and love.