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  • A legal takedown of genocide

    A verdict against two high-level Khmer Rouge leaders helps spread the application of human-rights law and could prevent such atrocities.

  • Is progress on race still possible?

    The US midterm election was filled with racial issues, another example to the world of how to confront a difficult topic. At least one country, Tunisia, has decided progress on race is possible.

  • Why did so many young people vote?

    The unusually high turnout for a midterm election may be driven by better civic education, especially the hands-on kind that instills lifelong activism instead of cynicism and indifference.

  • Germany's learning curve on immigration

    Perhaps the US can learn as Germany’s leading party holds a sober debate over the topic in picking a replacement for Angela Merkel.

  • The new Congress can shed old habits

    The midterm election left Capitol Hill more divided than before. Rather than gridlock, lawmakers must try to discern together the ideals that unite Americans.  

  • Ukraine needs the long arm of the law

    Despite the West’s efforts to curb corruption in this pivotal country, the killing of an anti-corruption activist shows the need for better tools to help Ukrainians achieve clean governance.


Photos of the Week 11/19 Photos of the Week

Smoke hangs over the scorched remains of Old Town Plaza Nov. 15 following the wildfire in Paradise, Calif. Most homes are gone, as are hundreds of shops and other buildings. The supermarket, the hardware store, Dolly-O-Donuts & Gifts, where locals started their day with a blueberry fritter and a quick bit of gossip, all gone....

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