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  • Wanted: mediator to end America’s longest war

    Afghanistan has lately seen many countries seeking a role in starting a peace process. With the US now open to talks with the Taliban, such negotiations will need a third party well versed in the skills of conflict resolution.

  • Thai cave rescue: a metaphor on climate adaptation

    The world’s empathy toward the boys and rescuers shows what is possible in unifying behind adaptation to other weather risks, including the effects of climate change.

  • Why Trump can’t ignore Central America

    As Europe has discovered with Africa, the US is learning again with its migrant crisis that poor and troubled neighbors cannot be shut off simply by more border security. Being secure requires being neighborly.

  • Can NATO use truth against Russian lies?

    The alliance’s coming summit can be used to support nations in Europe that are learning how to counter Kremlin disinformation with ‘critical thinking’ among their citizens.

  • An impending revolution in Mexico

    The incoming president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promises a radical approach to ending corruption, one based on a view of people as moral. Yet he also assumes people only need to see a leader who sets a good example.

  • Facebook’s search for local virtues

    Accused of allowing its platforms to spread rumors that led to violence, the social media giant now struggles to find local community standards with which to ban danger-inciting words and images. The solution may lie in balancing universal rights with ‘ordinary virtues.’

  • South Africa revives a Mandela legacy

    A new president may again put human rights as the country’s focus, symbolized by a move to not withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

  • How truth encircles the White House

    The president’s own intelligence chief shows how to counter Mr. Trump’s misstatements about Russia’s role in the 2016 election.


Photos of the Week 07/23 Photos of the Week

Visitors pose for pictures with an art installation at Vinyl Museum in Tokyo on July 20. The museum is designed to attract young women who are interested in taking pictures of themselves with the installations and uploading the photographs on social media platforms.

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