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  • An Arctic pact shows what’s possible

    Dozens of countries eager to fish in the warming Arctic have wisely decided to hold off for 16 years. This caution – and cooperation – provide a precedent for further agreements on the far north.

  • Liberating African slaves – again

    The discovery of a slave auction in Libya has stirred both European and African leaders into action. Now they must deal with the mental chains that pushed African migrants into the clutches of smugglers.

  • A hint of mercy in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe

    A new leader offers amnesty to those who return stolen public money. The African country will need many other acts of forgiveness and truth-telling to achieve reconciliation.

  • Moment of truth for a Syrian peace

    Peace talks planned in Geneva may succeed if all sides abide by the Security Council demand for UN-run elections. The power of guns may give way to the power of democracy.

  • In the giving season, a special act of charity

    As nations stepped up to pledge money for hurricane-hit Caribbean islands, one donation stood out. Haiti, despite its own devastation and poverty, promised aid to its neighbors.

  • The global spread of a culture of integrity

    The mass arrests for corruption in Saudi Arabia were really a result of peer pressure among the world’s wealthiest countries who are trying to address a public desire for openness and transparency in governance.

  • Grass-roots view of Trump’s security strategy

    In coming days, the White House will issue a strategy on dealing with foreign threats. But most Americans are already on the front lines of such work. They need thoughtful help from presidents.

  • Taiwan lets go a symbol of ancient days

    A new law calls for removing landmarks honoring a former dictator, Chiang Kai-shek, whose Confucian-style rule on the island nation finds renewed favor within China’s ruling party.

  • If not the US, then who as Mideast mediator?

    President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is seen as ending the US role as mediator between Israelis and Palestinians. Now may be the time for another power to be a third-party facilitator that can bring fresh thinking to both sides.


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USS Nimitz Logistics Spc. 3rd Class Michael Zegarra swings his wife Caterina into the air as they embrace on the pier at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, Wash., on Dec. 10. The USS Nimitz returned from a six-month deployment.

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