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  • The prospect of no people living in extreme poverty

    Fewer than 10 percent of the world’s people now live on less than $1.90 a day. As such progress shifts the attitude of the remaining poor, the rate could more easily get to zero.

  • An African model for ethnic reconciliation?

    Ethiopia’s new leader has quickly begun democratic reforms but none will mean more than reconciling the country’s ethnic groups. Recent violence shows the urgency to develop a civic identity that he says starts with forgiveness.

  • The freedom driving North Korea to the table

    The latest North-South summit is yet another test on whether the Kim regime feels pressure from its people to further embrace a market economy in return for giving up its nuclear arsenal.

  • Amazon’s Bezos clicks on homelessness

    A big new focus of his philanthropy will be innovators solving this acute social problem. The best are nonprofit volunteers equipped with special qualities of care that can heal the homeless from the inside out.

  • A golden lesson from the 2008 financial crisis

    On the 10th anniversary of the financial crash that triggered the Great Recession, one lingering result is the use of ‘risk officers’ in financial firms. They are really affinity coaches.

  • The best way to curb illegal migration

    The largest numbers of migrants caught at the US border now are from Guatemala, a country struggling to renew its efforts toward the kind of clean governance that can quell violence.

  • The FDA’s crackdown on teen vaping

    The agency's move against the makers and sellers of e-cigarettes is aimed at keeping children from addiction. But it joins a larger trend in the safeguarding the most innocent in society.


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Pigs are seen standing in a pen at a farm near Brussels, Belgium, on Sept. 18.

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