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  • Top Picks: 'The Party' on DVD and Blu-ray, 'Breaking Big' on PBS, and more

    A new National Geographic video, 'Behind the Scenes: Life Below Zero,' provides a look at how the people who work on the show create a time-lapse in such difficult weather conditions, the National Women’s History Museum’s new exhibit, 'Inventive Women,' explores the lives of women in the United States who patented important inventions and technologies, and more top picks.

  • Modern dancers go toe-to-toe with Cambodian tradition

    What happens to a classic when it’s combined with modern ideas? In Cambodia, officials’ concern for traditional culture – four decades after it was threatened by the Khmer Rouge – is not preventing new art from being created. But a contemporary dance company is challenged by little money and limited access to an audience that could ensure its survival. 


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A standing guard soldier gets his sweat wiped off by his chief at the Mamayev Kurgan World War II memorial complex in Volgograd, Russia, on June 21.

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