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Title MPAA Rating Monitor Rating Review Date
‘Toy Story 4’: A satisfying return for Woody and Buzz G 2019-06-20
‘American Woman’ offers a new take on the missing-teen story R 2019-06-13
Espionage and curveballs: ‘The Spy Behind Home Plate’ has both Unrated 2019-06-13
Despite its star-power, ‘Late Night’ is only so-so R 2019-06-06
Ron Howard’s ‘Pavarotti’ offers a tenor for the masses PG-13 2019-06-06
Campy ‘Rocketman’ takes on Elton John R 2019-05-29
Folk rock greats recall LA enclave in ‘Echo in the Canyon’ PG-13 2019-05-29
‘Aladdin’ remake is missing original’s energy PG 2019-05-23
‘Walking on Water’ goes behind the scenes with artist Christo Unrated 2019-05-23
Tender ‘Photograph’ is the antidote to Bollywood clichés PG-13 2019-05-16
‘All Is True’ ponders why Shakespeare put down his quill PG-13 2019-05-10
Chatty ‘Non-Fiction’ explores whether anything is truly made-up R 2019-05-03
‘Long Shot’ stumbles in delivery of mismatched romance R 2019-05-03
Artistry and the Cold War collide in biopic on dancer Nureyev R 2019-04-26
Despair gives way to joy in this tale from Malawi PG 2019-04-26
Avengers take a bow in sentimental ‘Endgame’ PG-13 2019-04-25
‘Satan & Adam’ is an upbeat take on two blues outliers Unrated 2019-04-25
‘Working Woman’ brings serious, #MeToo lens to office stories Unrated 2019-04-24
‘Diane’ is a quiet pleasure Unrated 2019-04-05
Aretha Franklin soars to the heights in ‘Amazing Grace’ G 2019-04-05
'Dumbo' never manages to soar PG 2019-03-29
‘The Eyes of Orson Welles’ focuses on director’s artwork Unrated 2019-03-29
Jordan Peele returns to horror with 'Us' R 2019-03-22
‘The Highwaymen’ retells ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ story R 2019-03-22
‘Ash Is Purest White’ burns with quiet, incandescent force Unrated 2019-03-15
Performances in ‘The Mustang’ have the sharp tang of authenticity R 2019-03-15
'Captain Marvel' lacks wit and oomph PG-13 2019-03-08
'Transit' unfolds an imperiled world with echoes of our own Unrated 2019-03-08
‘Apollo 11’ brings back awe of 1969 moon landing G 2019-03-01
‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ is intricate, inventive R 2019-02-22
‘Who Will Write Our History’ gives witness to Nazi atrocities Unrated 2019-02-15
'Free Solo' chronicles efforts of mountain climber to work without aid of ropes or harnesses PG-13 2019-02-08
'Everybody Knows' is a missing-person whodunit that’s not quite worth solving R 2019-02-08
In ‘Minding the Gap,’ boys battle chaos with skateboarding Unrated 2019-02-01
Artists suffer under communism in ‘Cold War’ R 2019-01-25
‘Stan & Ollie’ pays tribute to classic comedy team PG 2019-01-18
'Destroyer' tries too hard to defy our expectations R 2019-01-11
In ‘The Upside,’ a predictable story yields laughs PG-13 2019-01-11
'Vice' stars an almost unrecognizable Christian Bale R 2019-01-04
Superhero aura hangs over Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic PG-13 2019-01-04
'Mary Poppins Returns' is unmemorable but has moments of joy PG 2018-12-21
James Baldwin novel receives gauzy treatment in ‘Beale Street’ R 2018-12-14
'Ben is Back' is compelling at first but falls apart R 2018-12-14
'Shirkers' is a one-of-a-kind reclamation project Unrated 2018-12-07
'Mary Queen of Scots' has sharp cast but is dull overall R 2018-12-07
Energy of the streets gives ‘Capernaum’ authenticity R 2018-12-07
‘Shoplifters’ asks, what is the true meaning of family? R 2018-11-30
'The Favourite' is self-satisfyingly smart-alecky R 2018-11-30
'Roma' is Alfonso Cuarón’s most personal film R 2018-11-21
‘At Eternity’s Gate’ features career-best Willem Dafoe PG-13 2018-11-16
In 'Green Book,' lessons are learned in Jim Crow South PG-13 2018-11-16
For ‘Ballad of Buster Scruggs,’ Coens travel to Old West R 2018-11-09
'The Front Runner' chronicles Gary Hart's last presidential campaign R 2018-11-09
Orson Welles would likely approve of making-of doc 'They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead' Unrated 2018-11-02
Unreleased Orson Welles film ‘The Other Side of the Wind’ arrives R 2018-11-02
Melissa McCarthy turns to drama in ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ R 2018-10-26
'Burning' is discursive, unsettling Unrated 2018-10-26
In ‘The Guilty,’ a police dispatcher races against time R 2018-10-19
'The Kindergarten Teacher' is worth seeing for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance R 2018-10-19
Neil Armstrong gets the spotlight in the biopic ‘First Man’ PG-13 2018-10-12
Repetitive 'Beautiful Boy' still has beautiful moments R 2018-10-12
‘A Star Is Born’ returns to the big screen R 2018-10-05
‘The Old Man & the Gun’ may be Robert Redford’s last acting role PG-13 2018-09-28
Tonal shifts in 'The Sisters Brothers' seem like the result of indecision R 2018-09-28
Documentary 'Science Fair' showcases humble hopefuls PG 2018-09-21
'Pick of the Litter' avoids specifics but is fairly enjoyable Unrated 2018-09-14
‘The Apparition’ focuses on issues of faith, truth Unrated 2018-09-07
‘The Bookshop’ evokes nostalgia for all things literary PG 2018-08-31
Rom-com 'Juliet Naked' is indeed romantic and comedic R 2018-08-24
'We the Animals' continually wafts away into artiness R 2018-08-24
'BlacKkKlansman' tells a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story about the KKK R 2018-08-10
‘What Will People Say’ presents a cultural divide with urgency Unrated 2018-08-10
Sweet 'Christopher Robin' has impressive voice work PG 2018-08-03
'Far From the Tree' chronicles very different children, parents Unrated 2018-08-03
'Eighth Grade' is a gently humorous and nuanced portrait of middle school R 2018-07-27
Documentary ‘Dark Money’ is close to a political thriller Unrated 2018-07-27
'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' has a core of feeling but is a little too long PG-13 2018-07-27
Sequel 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' appears 10 years after original PG-13 2018-07-20
'Custody' doesn’t skimp on the ordeal of the child in a custody battle Unrated 2018-07-20
'Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti' chronicles Gauguin’s desire to see a new way Unrated 2018-07-13
'Shock and Awe' is a rote piece of work R 2018-07-13
'Sorry to Bother You' eventually loses its way in a welter of surreality R 2018-07-05
'Three Identical Strangers' is a true story that could only be believed because it actually happened PG-13 2018-06-29
'Leave No Trace' shows empathy for those on the fringes of society PG 2018-06-29