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  • Gaza and Jerusalem: Assessing the real costs of 'low-cost' US diplomacy

    The optics were inescapably awful. Even as VIPs in Jerusalem dedicated the relocated US embassy, Israeli soldiers killed dozens of Palestinian protesters in Gaza. But beyond the timing, the partisan nature of the move has implications for Mideast peace and US diplomacy.

  • Iran and North Korea ... and the art of the denuclearization deal

    President Trump has consistently heaped scorn on the Iran deal achieved by his predecessor. But his announcement that the US was pulling out also presented an opportunity to tout his approach to talks with North Korea. Even as he defied critics and the advice of allies, he was saying: This is how to do a deal.

  • Pompeo's dilemma: World and State both need immediate attention

    When Mike Pompeo was nominated as secretary of State he was touted as just the administrator the understaffed State Department needed to right the ship and improve morale. But from Day 1 the foreign-policy challenges have been historic and unrelenting. Can he handle both areas of responsibility at once? He may have to.

  • First Look Trump pulls US out of Iran nuclear deal

    President Trump announces US exit from the 'one-sided' 2015 deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded by saying that Iran will only negotiate for a short time with countries remaining in the accord before 'enriching uranium more than before.'


Photos of the Week 0618 Photos of the week

A crew member hugs a migrant child aboard the Aquarius rescue ship before disembarking in the port of Valencia, Spain, June 17.

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