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  • Episode 9: The Role of War

    War… what is it good for? Turns out, perhaps peace. While we continue to fight long and expensive wars around the world, they are much less fatal than in the past. But with how much war has changed through the decades, do civilians really understand its role?

  • Progress Watch Why more states are giving juvenile offenders a second chance

    More attention is being given to the idea that young offenders can still make radical changes to their mind-set. As a result, measures aimed at rehabilitating juvenile prisoners instead of punishing them are spreading across the United States.

  • Progress Watch What's giving gender parity a leg up at US corporations

    Companies in the United States have struggled to reach gender quotas in leadership positions, especially as compared to their European counterparts. But new laws and cultural shifts are beginning to change that situation.

  • Episode 6: Poverty Progress

    After surveying a global segment of the population, the Gapminder organization in Sweden found that only 10 percent of people knew the state of extreme poverty. Why is it that our perceptions are so… wrong?

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